We are a unique school in the area, offering English, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, German, Italian and French learning for children, teens and adults. We have courses for English native and non-native speakers and French for non-native speakers. Please see our course list for more information.

Martina Simpson,
founder and teacher

In 2008, Martina

  • gained her CELTA qualification in 2008 from Oxford College, found her passion and began teaching
  • began teaching business English for large corporations, including Nestlé and Deutsche Leasing
  • started working as a lecturer at both the Johann Goethe University and University of Applied Sciences, both based in the Frankfurt area.

In 2009

  • she assisted in planning and implementing a bilingual German-English language and art programme for children starting in year one of Marxheimer Schule, a German primary school. The programme was recognised by the German School Council and Ministry of Education as a viable asset to the school. Martina continued to teach and develop the programme until 2014.

In 2012

  • she spent a year teaching English as a second language to German children ages 3 to 10 and English reading comprehension and writing skills to English native speakers ages 3 to 12 for alphabet eV, a German charity-based organisation.

Continuing projects include

  • consulting with schools and parents on healthy eating choices for children and families
  • tutoring high school students and successfully helping all her students improve their English grades.

Further experience

  • Martina has gained extensive business knowledge from working in different parts of the world, ranging from a Production Assistant at a recording studio in London, an Assistant Investment Consultant for an estate management firm in New York to Human Resources Manager for a large engineering corporation in Frankfurt.

In addition to her CELTA qualification, Martina holds a bachelor’s degree in Nutritional Sciences and a master’s degree in Human Resources Management.

Martina is a native English speaker and was born in London, England. She speaks fluent German and Italian and conversational French. She has two children, a dog and a cat. Her hobbies include reading, listening to music, going for long walks and cycling.


Our native speaker teachers use a cross-curricular approach to learning. Grammar, spelling, phonics and vocabulary development play an important role in classroom work, which aids communication.

Children in Foundation courses are introduced to a wide range of topics while the Literacy courses focus on science, history and the humanities. Adult courses focus on communication skills.

We also provide homework tutoring throughout the school year. Please contact us regarding the subjects we can assist you/your child with.


TLC aims to become a leader in language education and provide children and adults with the confidence to speak in any circumstance.

We are committed to excellence and place a high value on honesty and respect towards others.

We encourage communication and participation and welcome feedback.


Martina is a professional yet has the ability to create a positive and fun environment where people thrive. She is an expert at business and technical language but can also teach casual vocabulary. On top of this, she has patience and passion for what she does and a commitment to those around her succeeding.” - Wylie Evans, Lawyer
I have known and worked with Martina over a number of years. As a colleague, she is inspirational, utterly reliable, and always willing to go the extra mile. If anyone can put the fun into English language learning - she can and you’ll come out with a sound command of the language too!” - Ginni Light, Editor and Trainer
Mrs Simpson war in der Grundschule Marxheim die Englischlehrerin unseres Sohnes und nach 4 Jahren ist unserem Sohn, Eren und seinen Mitschülern der Abschied von ihr schwer gefallen. Als er danach auf dem Gymnasium war, hat er seine Englischlehrer immer mit Mrs. Simpson verglichen. "Lehrer X ist ganz ok aber Mrs. Simpson war besser" Sie hat die Kinder kreativ und mit einer Leichtigkeit an die englische Sprache herangeführt. Vielen Dank auch von uns und Alles Gute für die Zukunft. - Oya Düvenci, mother of Eren Düvenci, former student at Marxheim Primary School
I’ve worked with Martina Simpson for several years and can personally vouch for her expertise and professionalism. In order to improve my teaching skills, I’ve observed her work with children as well as adults. She has an engaging personality and a teaching style in which students learn a language without realising it. She always has clear objectives for each lesson and works to meet those objectives, but she can also be flexible in order to meet the learners’ needs. Because of her enthusiasm and passion for teaching, she builds an excellent rapport with her students. I would never hesitate to contact Martina if I needed to learn a language, and I will always continue to contact her if I need teaching advice. - Jill Greaves, English and art teacher, Marxheim Primary School